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Driving School Dublin North

Driving Coach Colm Branigan delivers expert driving lessons in the North Dublin area. He will create a learning environment to help you unlock your full potential. In contrast to most other training providers, his refreshingly different style encourages a natural and safe driving perspective. Above all, he guarantees you a great lesson experience.

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Driving Lessons

Confidence building driving lessons from probably the best driving school Dublin North has to offer.


Pretest Lessons

The best pretest lessons and mock test lessons available to help you to prepare for your driving test.


Refresher Driving Lessons

Refresher driving lessons to help you to improve your driving skills and build you confidence behind the wheel.

Driving Test Rescue

Have you been unsuccessful? Pass your driving test an easier way with success-based rescue training with Colm.

What Is Driver Coaching?

Driver Coaching helps you achieve success. Due to his specialist coaching skill sets, Colm Branigan will deliver driving lessons that will put you at the centre of the learning process. Furthermore, he will pay exquisite attention to your needs and help you unlock your potential by maximizing your strengths while helping you develop those areas in need in improvement. He will create an atmosphere that will help you to raise your awareness and responsibility. Two of the most noteworthy skills to drive your success.

Client-Centred Learning.
Client-centred learning puts the learner at the heart of the learning process. A skilled driving coach will facilitate learning by paying exquisite attention to the learner and engaging him/her in the process.
Raising your level of awareness and responsibility.
The Driving Coach will help to raise the learner’s internal and external awareness and to recognize the effects one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions will have on their behavior. As a result, this high level of awareness encourages the learner to take responsibility for the decisions that they make.
Establishing and maintaining rapport.
A skilled driving coach will connect with the learner by establishing and maintaining rapport. Consequently, this will create an engaging atmosphere, conducive to learning and will ensure a great lesson experience.
Encouraging SMART Goals.
“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going”. Goal setting focuses the learner’s mind on what specific outcomes they would like to achieve. The Driving Coach will facilitate a learning pathway to reach these goals.
Believing that you can succeed.
Central to any coaching relationship is the coach’s belief in the client’s ability to be successful. The skilled Driving Coach will help the learner unlock their potential, achieve their goals and find success.

About Colm

Colm Branigan is the first Irish Driving Instructor to become a Qualified Driving Coach.  First of all, he will put YOU at the centre of the learning process. Furthermore, he will facilitate your learning in an atmosphere that is both conducive and creative, allowing you to unleash your potential.

Colm has over 25 years experience in the driver training industry. He is an Approved Driving Driving Instructor with the Road Safety Authority (RSA-ADI) and a  registered RoSPA Advanced Driving Trainer in Ireland. As a result of his experience and his extensive qualifications, his Driving School Dublin North is ideally placed to help you with Driving Lessons. Above all, his knowledge and understanding of driving and training will help you enjoy the benefits of improved driving skills and confidence.  

More About Colm

Find out more about Colm’s qualifications and experience.
driving school dublin north
“I thoroughly enjoyed Colm’s style of teaching, his calm and composed nature to teaching along with his concise communication skills make him an excellent driving instructor. He was great at putting me at ease and provided excellent coping and road awareness techniques all of which I believe have helped shape me into a very competent and safe fully licensed driver. I know if I had originally started my lessons with Colm I would have come away with a first-time pass but luckily we worked together and I achieved my pass second time around. I truly put the credit into his expert tuition, guidance and his patience in helping me address my frustrations.”
Jessica McCausland

Driving School Dublin North

driving school dublin north
“Unlike other driving instructors who only focus on what gear you should be in, Colm focuses on what frame of mind you should be in. My driving lessons with Colm completely changed my approach to driving. I used to constantly worry about the gear stick and clutch. However, Colm taught me how to calmly approach each driving situation. As a result, there was a massive improvement in my driving and my confidence behind the wheel.  I went from 15 grade 2’s and 1 grade 3 in my first test to just 5 grade 2’s second time round. I would highly recommend Colm, his lessons and style of teaching instilled in me a belief that I would succeed.”
Bobby Aherne

Driving School Dublin North

driving school dublin north
“I own a BIG thank you to Colm Branigan for the coaching approach that he took during my driving lessons with him, Colm helped me to understand the reason behind each of the mistakes and bad habits that I was making during my driving.  His approach gave me the opportunity to own the learning process and the results of each of my steps/moves I took during driving on the road. I really value the way Colm shared his knowledge with me by encouraging me to figure out the best solution/approach in to each difficult/unexpected situation. That way I still remember each of those moments very well and apply the best solutions in every day driving.”
Monika Vojtek

Driving School Dublin North

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