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Linda Sullivan, North Dublin.

“I wouldn’t have passed my test if it wasn’t for Colm. I had failed my test twice and did countless lessons before I met Colm. Within only three double lessons he completely changed my whole style of driving. The areas I struggled with he approached in a simplistic, easy to understand manner while giving me techniques that remained with me after my lessons. I had zero confidence on the road which he immensely improved with his encouragement, guidance and skill. He also allowed me to text him anytime with any driving queries I had. I would highly recommend Colm to anyone who wants quality driving lessons especially nervous drivers. Absolutely Five-Star lessons.”

Ian Fallon, Swords, North Dublin.

“I would just like to extend my gratitude to Colm Branigan. I have been driving for many years and picked up a lot of bad habits along the way. He did everything to fit me in and accommodated my needs. On meeting Colm, he was friendly, good mannered and very professional, we started my pre-test with the rules of the road and the road signs, and I hadn’t a clue what any of them were, but Colm kept his cool and reminded me of what they were and also handed me a sheet which turned out to be pivotal in me passing my test. We went through the whole test and he pointed out my mistakes and also my good points. On the day of the test Colm met me at the test centre and we did another pre-test, I got significantly less marks this time which was great, but on his sheet I would have scraped a pass. Colm went through the rules of the road again and the signs and hand signals just before I went in. On completing my test, I found out I PASSED!! And didn’t pick up one mark on the rules of the road and signs. I was needless to say DELIGHTED and it’s all down to Colm’s skills and professionalism as an instructor. I would have no problem in recommending Colm as an instructor, as I had many bad habits, but once Colm directed me on what I was doing wrong I passed my test FIRST TIME!! Thanks Colm!”

Monika Vojtek, Artane, Dublin 5.

“I have already recommended Colm as a driving instructor to more than one of my friends and I think that is the best explanation of the fact of how good Colm is in the area of his expertise. I own a BIG thank you to Colm for the coaching approach that he took during my driving lessons with him, Colm helped me to understand the reason behind each of the mistakes and bad habits that I was making during my driving. Colm always left me space for making my own decisions in relation to the next area that I wanted to improve within my driving skills. His approach gave me the opportunity to own the learning process and the results of each of my steps/moves I took during driving on the road. I really value the way Colm shared his knowledge with me by encouraging me to figure out the best solution/approach in to each difficult/unexpected (at the time) situations. That way I still remember each of those moments very well and apply the best solutions in every day driving. I have left each session with an area to work on and that gave me the feeling of constant improvement and reason to be fully focused on the road for every second of the trip and also the feeling that the driving practice DOES matter a lot!”


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