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Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin North with Colm Branigan

Pass your driving test an easier way with expert pretest driving lessons from Colm Branigan. Colm is an RSA Approved Driving Instructor and a RoSPA Advanced Driving Trainer. He is also the first Irish instructor to become a Qualified Driving Coach. Colm will pay exquisite attention to you and put you at the centre of the learning process. This will guarantee that you maximize your potential on test day. He will guide you to success by addressing your specific needs. His customers do the talking- Read over 250 Customer Reviews to see what they have to say. Choose the ultimate pretest driving lessons in Dublin with Colm Branigan.

All pretest lessons are in customer cars

Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin North

Pass your driving test with expert pretest driving lessons Dublin from Driving Coach Colm Branigan.  All lessons include a full practical assessment with expert feedback and analysis. 2 Hour Pretests come with FREE premium support to answer all your questions.

Mock Tests

Mock Tests with Colm Branigan will simulate the test experience to ensure that you are fully prepared. They provide an invaluable learning opportunity for candidates allowing the pupil to notice and feel how they perform in test conditions.


All pretest driving lessons with Colm come with a detailed written report. This unique report not only highlights areas for improvement, but also gives specific feedback on how to improve. Also included is a FREE 4 page Driving Test Questions document on The Rules of the Road.

Over 300 Customer Reviews

Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin North

He has a knack for identifying your problem areas and he provides excellent feedback and advice to fix them.

Vikram Hiray

Dublin North

I would highly recommend Colm. He made it possible for me to get my full licence which I really needed for work.

Bianca Domeneghetti

Dublin North

Pretest Driving Lessons Dublin North

PASS Your Test An Easier Way!

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Pass Your Driving Test An Easier Way!

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driving lessons dublin6 Golden Tips to Pass Your Test


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1.  Relax Your Concentration!

If you force yourself to concentrate, you will become tired quickly. Devoting too much attention to routines will result in “forced concentration” and may even result in a poor drive especially during your driving test. Routines are important of course, but only if they are used appropriately. Explore with your driving instructor ways to relax your concentration during your driving lessons or use some of the ideas I have listed below.

2.  Observe Naturally!

Let your observation “flow” in a natural way. Bust the myths like “show the tester that you are checking the mirrors”.  If you make too many “deliberate” head movements, it’s more likely that the driving tester will fault you for poor observation. Let’s face it, if your spending too long looking in your mirrors,  your general observation will have to suffer. Practise observing naturally during your pretest driving lessons and ask your driving instructor to support you by highlighting good observation and areas for improvement.

3.  Take in the Big Picture!

Think about it, if your vision is low you will only take in a limited amount of the information that’s available. That means that you will have less time to deal with all the stuff that’s happening! Create more time for yourself to react. When learning to drive,  ask your driving instructor to help you to scan effectively- to take in the bigger picture.  If you work on this during your EDT Driving Lessons and pretest lessons, you will have a much-improved chance of passing your test first time!

4.  Act Safely on What You See!

During your driving test, ask yourself “What’s the safest thing to do here?” – It sounds obvious doesn’t it? However, many driving test candidates are more concerned about what they think the tester would “like” them to do instead of acting safely on what they see. During your mock tests with your Approved Driving Instructor, practise this technique so that you are making decisions based on safe progress. Then during your driving test,  repeat naturally!

5.  Let Your Car Do Some Work!

Know your car! If you are using your own car or if you are hiring your driving instructor’s car for your test, know what it can do and what it can’t do! Make sure you understand the technology that’s available and use it to help you during your test. Ask your driving instructor to explain or demonstrate all the driving assistance technology that you have.  Let the car do some work for you!

6.  Have a Coping Strategy!

Nerves are natural but if they “take over” during your test your performance will suffer. During your driving lessons and especially during pretests and mock tests, explore with your driving instructor strategies to help you cope with test nerves. These may include pre-test mindfulness techniques and /or “mind tricks” during the test itself.  These instant fixes can get you back on track quickly and help you pass. You will then be able to enjoy the independence and freedom of a full driving licence!

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If you’re looking for pretest driving lessons in Dublin North, Colm Branigan Driving Coach is the best choice for high-quality, personalized instruction. With over three decades of experience teaching drivers of all levels, Colm Branigan is a trusted and respected driving instructor in Dublin.

Our pretest driving lessons are specifically designed to help you feel confident and comfortable on the road and increase your chances of passing your driving test.

During your pretest driving lessons with Colm Branigan, you’ll receive personalized feedback and instruction to help you improve your driving skills. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your driving technique and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

We also offer a range of additional services, including lessons for nervous drivers, motorway driving lessons, and mock driving tests to help you prepare for the real thing.

Colm Branigan Driving Coach believes in providing his students with the highest level of service and support. Colm is a friendly and experienced instructor who will work with you to help you achieve your driving goals and prepare you for a lifetime of safe and confident driving.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards passing your driving test in Dublin North, contact Colm Branigan Driving Coach today to schedule your pretest driving lessons. With our expert instruction and personalized approach, we’ll help you become a safe and confident driver for years to come.

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