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Colm has over 25 years experience in the driver training industry. He is an RSA Approved Driving Instructor and a RoSPA Advanced Driving Trainer in Ireland. Colm has over 200 Customer Reviews on this website for you to explore. The combination of his experience and his extensive qualifications ideally places him to help you with Pretest Driving Lessons. His knowledge and understanding of driving and training will help you to pass your driving test an easier way. As a Qualified Driving Coach, he will guide you to success by paying exquisite attention to YOU and addressing your specific needs. Take a step in the right direction. Choose the Ultimate Pretest Driving Lessons in Dublin with Colm Branigan.

pretest driving lessons

Pretest Lessons

Pass your driving test with expert pretest lessons from Driving Coach Colm Branigan.  All lessons include a full practical assessment with expert feedback and analysis. 2 Hour Pretests come with FREE premium support to answer all your questions.

Mock Tests

Mock Tests with Colm Branigan will simulate the test experience to ensure that you are fully prepared. Mock tests provide an invaluable learning opportunity for candidates allowing the pupil to notice and feel how they perform in test conditions.


All pretest driving lessons with Colm come with a detailed written report. This unique report not only highlights areas for improvement, but also gives specific feedback on how to improve. Also included is a FREE 4 page Q&A document on The Rules of the Road.

Enjoy The Benefits

Choose Colm Branigan for pretest driving lessons in Dublin and enjoy the benefits! Pass your driving test an easier way and enjoy the independence and freedom of having a full driving licence.

Leader in Innovative Training

Benefit from refreshingly different and innovative training techniques from a leader in the industry to ensure success in your driving test.


Satisfaction Guarantee


Quality Guarantee

Pretest Driving Lessons

Whether you are sitting your driving test for the first time or looking for help with another attempt, look no further! Colm Branigan will deliver pretest lessons that suit your needs. Choose the Ultimate Pretest Driving Lessons in Dublin.  Our lessons, delivered by Specialist Driving Instructor and Qualified Driving Coach Colm Branigan, guarantee value for money.

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pretest driving lessons
pretest driving lessons
pretest driving lessons

A Leader In The Industry

The Ultimate Pretest Driving Lessons with Colm Branigan.

  • 25 years experience
  • Award Winning Driving Instructor
  • Qualified Driving Coach
  • Qualified Advanced Driving Trainer
  • Premium Support 
  • Over 200 Customer Reviews

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"he put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed"

I chose Colm as he was local and had great reviews. I found Colm very patient and he really understood where I was having difficulty and was able to communicate to me clearly what I needed to do. I was really nervous about sitting my test again until I had my lessons with Colm and he put me at ease and gave me the confidence I needed on the day of the test. I would highly recommend Colm to friends and family.

Ellen McGahon from Swords passed her driving test in Finglas in August 2018


"relaxed and very precise"

I came across Colm’s website while searching for a teaching on the north side of Dublin.  I really took to Colm’s approach to teaching, it’s relaxed and very precise. He pays a lot of attention to detail and in only three lessons I learned a huge amount. I will definitely recommend Colm to others. He’s a fantastic teacher and his lessons helped me to drive confidently and pass the test.

Thérèse Rafter from Ranelagh passed her driving test in Raheny in August 2018 with no faults!

Over 200 Customer Reviews

I chose Colm beacuse of all his great reviews.  Colm’s way of teaching and style gave a great boost to my confidence. I passed my test in Finglas. Greg Barron

North Dublin

I passed my driving test in Raheny.  Colm’s positive and encouraging manner built my confidence and belief. Kinga Ciurycek

North Dublin


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