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EDT Lessons with Colm Branigan

Colm has over 25 years experience in the driver training industry. He is an RSA Approved Driving Instructor and a RoSPA Advanced Driving Trainer in Ireland. Colm has over 250 Customer Reviews on this website for you to explore. The combination of his experience and his extensive qualifications ideally places him to help you with EDT Lessons. His knowledge and understanding of driving and training will help you to complete your sessions and pass your driving test an easier way. As a Qualified Driving Coach, he will guide you to success by paying exquisite attention to YOU and addressing your specific needs. Take a step in the right direction. Choose the EDT Lessons in Dublin North with Colm Branigan.

All driving lessons are in customer cars



What is EDT?

EDT stands for Essential Driver Training.  It’s a mandatory course of 12 one-hour sessions for learner-car drivers that is designed to cover and improve certain critical driving skills.

Essential Driver Training is only part of the process of learning to drive. You will need lots of practice and/or extra driving lessons to become a safe, competent driver.

To sit your driving test, you must have completed all 12 EDT sessions.


What is an EDT Logbook?

Your Approved Driving Instructor will record your progress in an EDT Logbook. This logbook will be given to you when you start your first session.

The ADI will stamp and sign the relevant sessions of the logbook and record some feedback.

There is space for you to log your thoughts about your own performance and areas for improvement. This “reflective process” is a very important part of the learning process.

Space is also included for your sponsor to track your performance.


What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is an experienced driver who accompanies you, the learner driver, during your practice driving lessons. Sponsors are often family members or friends.

Your sponsor must hold a full driving licence for at least two years and have plenty of driving experience.


What do the EDT Lessons cover?


  1. Car Controls and Safety Checks
  2. Correct Positioning 1
  3. Changing Direction 1
  4. Progress Management
  5. Correct Positioning 2 (More Complex Situations)
  6. Anticipation and Reaction
  7. Sharing the Road
  8. Driving Safely Through Traffic
  9. Changing Direction 2 (More Complex Situations)
  10. Speed Management
  11. Driving Calmly
  12. Night Driving


What is “My EDT”?

MY EDT allows you to view your EDT records online. You need to set up an account with your full name, date of birth and driver number.  Your driver number can be found on your Learner Permit.

You can find “My EDT” here.


What is the Six-Month Rule?

If you are a first-time learner permit holder for a car, you must wait six months after the issue date of your permit before sitting your driving test.

This is designed to allow adequate time for delivery of the EDT programme and practice.

If you meet the criteria for the Reduced EDT programme, you may exempt yourself from this six-month waiting time.


What is Reduced EDT?

Reduced EDT is a mandatory course of 6 one-hour sessions.

It is designed for holders of full driving licences from a country that does not have a licence exchange agreement with Ireland.

To be eligible, you will need to satisfy certain criteria. You will details here.

EDT Lessons Video

Watch this video to learn more about the Essential Driver Training Programme (EDT Lessons). The video will guide your through the process including the roles of your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and your sponsor. It will also outline what the 12 sessions will cover and the purpose of the logbook. This RSA video also highlights the importance of self-analysis and practice between sessions.

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Over 250 Customer Reviews

I chose Colm beacuse of all his great reviews.  I completed all my EDT Lessons with him. Colm’s way of teaching and style gave a great boost to my confidence. 

Greg Barron

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I did all my EDT Lessons with Colm Branigan.  Colm’s positive and encouraging manner built my confidence and belief.

Kinga Ciurycek

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